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Medea Review: She Took Her Grief Too Far

The advanced class went to see Medea at The Gate and here are their thoughts!

The play begins with Medea’s two son’s lying on their bedroom floor as if they are dead. We, the audience were on the edge of our seats waiting to see what would happen next and we weren’t disappointed!

It was a very natural performance, the two young actors Luke O’Donoghue and Elijah O’ Sullivan acted like they really were brothers. It was believable, and it didn’t seem like they were ‘acting’.

The play was a modern version of Medea, it was a very interesting take on the play, and it really worked.

The set design was great, the bedroom was cool, and we all loved the attention to detail especially the goldfish.

Watching the two brother’s playing and fighting and making up reminded us of our childhood. It was hilarious at times, especially when Jasper started throwing teddies at his older brother.

Underneath all the fun and games, there was a bad feeling; with the boys locked in the bedroom, you couldn’t help but feel sad and worried for them.

Eileen Walsh was brilliant as Medea, and you could tell that she was very upset. In the end, it was hard to know if the boys were ‘really’ dead, but when we realised the truth many of us felt like crying, it was so sad.

Here are some of our thoughts on the character of Medea:

“She was devious and misdirected her kids.”

“I was disgusted, shocked and gutted at what she did.”

“I was upset for her; she was in a desperate place.”

“She didn’t value the kids’ lives.”

“I felt sorry for the kids.”

“It was moving; her story moved me.”

“I wanted her to stop her plans and not to do it.”

“What she did was wrong.”

“I was sad for her, sad for all of them.”

“No, I didn’t like her. I understand where she was coming from, but she took her grief too far.”

By the advanced class Rhythm Room students 18/04/20



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Comments (10)
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